The Problem

At a time of budget cuts and belt-tightening, our nation still faces immense challenges — nearly half of all young people are unemployed or underemployed, one million students are dropping out of school each year, communities are struggling to rebuild in a country that feels increasingly more partisan and divided every day.

"It made me realize that while a large part of being a College Possible coach is about raising students’ ACT scores and sending off applications, it is also about making each student feel that he or she, as an individual, is worth an education, and is worth 4 years of college."

—Kate Nesbit, AmeriCorps Member, College Possible. Read Kate's story.

The Solution

Imagine what our nation could accomplish if one million Americans spent the next year serving in our schools, our health centers, our communities struggling with poverty or disaster.

"My life has changed radically for the better and I am incredibly grateful to have found service and become the person I am today. Our country is on its back and national service could help it to its feet."

—Allie Harris, AmeriCorps Alum. Read Allie's story.

Why National Service?

Tackling Problems

Lowering dropout rates, serving as first responders following a natural disaster, and supporting the reintegration efforts of our veterans.

Uniting Americans

National service provides an opportunity to bring Americans together in common purpose, and in service to our country.

Building Future Leaders

A year of service equips young Americans with the skills and experience to be leaders in their community and the workforce.

Grassroots Movement

  • 145,000members
  • 560organizations

ServiceNation is a grassroots movement 500 organizations and over 145,000 individual members strong. We focus on educating Members of Congress and the public about the incredible impact of national service to build support for expanding opportunities to serve.

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Innovation Lab

Our goal is to reach one million annual national service positions by 2023. That will require support from each sector, including our leaders in Washington. Our policy goals include:

  • Full funding of the bipartisan Serve America Act of 2009 so that AmeriCorps reaches 250,000 annual positions -- and eventually more
  • Continue developing public policy so veterans can use a term of civilian national service to help reintegrate into civilian life.
  • Support efforts by our partners to create more service opportunities through other agencies and legislation

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Changing Our Culture

Our vision is a future where young Americans across the country turn to each other and ask, “Where will your year of national service be?” Unfortunately, this is far from a mainstream idea, but we believe it should be as common as going to high school or college. That’s why ServiceNation has recently launched a sweeping, multi-year campaign that will reach 10 million young Americans by:

  • Integrating national service programs into scripts of TV shows and movies
  • Distributing content online that will be widely shared among young people
  • Ensuring national service is consistently covered in the press
  • Cause-marketing with brands

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