In the years since the passage of the Kennedy Serve America Act – the boldest national service legislation in 75 years – we learned that the promise it embodied will only be fulfilled if we have the power to hold our elected leaders accountable. The merger between ServeNext, a grassroots advocacy organization, and ServiceNation will accelerate our work in building a permanent, powerful, and proactive grassroots advocacy infrastructure – the comprehensive approach needed to expand national service and end the cycles of growth/cuts. The infrastructure consists of three key components:

ServiceNation Coalition

Our Coalition unites national service organizations and other organizations that care about national service to engage elected officials, the media, and key leaders. Read more about the Coalition.

Or email to join the Coalition.

ServiceNation State Directors

We hire full-time state directors in the most strategic districts and states. They work relentlessly to build a network of constituents who educate our elected leaders about the value of national service and hold them accountable.

Watch this video to meet some of our past organizers and to learn why they are so passionate about their work.

Growing Membership

Numbers matter in advocacy. We are building an army of online advocates to flood congressional offices with emails and calls, show up at town halls, and generate attention for national service. Now 145,000 strong, we are not going to let up in growing our community of advocates. Click here to join us